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Hospitality Data Consultancy 

Use your Market Data / Bookings Data / Customer Data / Competitive Data / Price Data / Yield Data / Marketing Data / Advertising Data / Sales Data / Events Data / Web Data / Analytics Data / EPS Data / Geo Data and other data to drive positive change and build competitive advantage. 

Hospitality Data Integration Architecture

You can not manage what you can not measure. Bring real time market data feeds into your decision making processes. 

Data Collection

Data collection for a wide variety of industry metrics, indicators, sentiment, service delivery, customer satisfaction, bookings statistics and more. 

AI Engine

Create an action list, create trouble tickets, raise the relevant alarms for operations teams or automate an interaction with another system. 

Data Management

A centralised data platform containing all of your enriched data compared to real time market metrics. 

Correlation Engine

Learn about all of the root causes that lead to your underperformance or overperformance on any given day   

Data Presentation + Feeds

Presentation of your most important data insights in an easy to understand dashboard format for the executives or as a feed for your AI process. 


Compare yourself to your competitors or your market in your town, city, state or region, country or market.

Run Your Business

Take your most important financial performance data and instantly benchmark it in real time against your markets performance, or internal KPIs.  Use the data to spot trends and opportunities, create important actions and alerts. Use data to validate market demand and investment opportunities or pick out new products and services based on real time trends. 


Drive Competitive Advantage

Understand who your most important customers are, what market segments you appeal to most and what trending market segments you may be missing out on. 

Understand key interaction points, lifetime value per customer, identify highest spending customers, make use of gaming data or just understand what you should be stocking in your mini bar for the best sales volume. 

Managing Your Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

All of the data you need to successfully understand your performance and maximise your opportunities at your fingertips. 

"We now have a world view on exactly how we are performing as a business, the granular level of insight we get is mindblowing"

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