About SAS WhizWang

SAS Whiz Wang, a licensed SAS consultancy company, number, Sirit 83521780300013, providing sales and marketing strategy, digital consultancy and technical services related to booking, transaction systems and electronic commerce.

We deliver strategy consultancy to growth companies in Europe.  The company is led by Steve Vaile, you can see his profile on Linkedin. 

How do we create value?

We help companies improve their sales and marketing function by providing strategic consulting and coaching.

Primarily we do this by providing written content, how-to guides and advice.

We provide a wide range of technical services, training, software and capital investment via a large international network of qualified partners.

Our primary competency is the delivery of online transaction systems and the related marketing and traffic engineering, and RevOps architecture to build long term sustainable and scalable transaction models.

We help you sell and scale, online and off.

Effective sales and marketing should not be complicated or heavily resource-intensive, we can help you simplify and scale your sales and marketing efforts, both online and on the shop floor.

We explain things simply and clearly, we proactively work to reduce complexity whilst delivering the results you need.

We primarily work with small to medium enterprises and start-up companies, we sit on the board of directors for a number of international companies that we have assisted in founding. 

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SAS WhizWang, 1 Avenue Du Limousin, Arnac Pompadour, France, 19230

Email: info@wizzwang.com

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We speak English. On parle Francais.

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