About SAS WhizWang

SAS WhizWang 
Transaction Services 


Small to medium business owners face a number of significant challenges in developing, scaling and realising the value of their efforts.  We help with that.

Growth Advisory

Growth advisory services that improve your EBITDA line.  How to deploy effective REVOPS in your business and understanding the true role of DEVOPS in driving your revenue.


Attracting Capital

Introductions to the right capital and investment partners, alternative financing and public markets. to help raise the funds that grow and support your business,


M&A Strategy

Finding you the right partners to help expand your rocking mo-jo or to carry on the batton. Quality M&A help and advice for business buyers, and sellers.


Rescue & Recovery

Helping both creditors and debtors recover their positions, we also provide interim management services in the case of distress or liquidity problems.


About SAS WhizWang

SAS Whiz Wang, a licensed SAS consultancy company, number, Sirit 83521780300013, with offices and partners in Europe, United Kingdom, the United States of America and South East Asia.  WizzWang provides revenue operations strategy, consultancy and technical services related to the creation of scalable revenue transaction systems and electronic commerce platforms for growth and associated services related to growth and transaction platforms. 

We deliver consultancy to companies in Europe and the United States of America, we help companies plan their journey from growth during start up all of the way to exit event.   

We explain things simply and clearly, we proactively work to reduce complexity whilst delivering the results you need.

We are vendor agnostic, we do not promote any single software solution, our job is to simplify your operating environment and ensure it works effectively,  not to sell you a software product.


Our leadership team has significant Root Cause Analysis, Qualitative Risk Analysis and Business Process Re-engineering experience gained while working with international multicultural teams in Marketing, Sales and Service leadership positions.

This is important because a successful project arguably requires in-depth experience of all three. 

We have the critical skills required to successfully deliver complex, multi-dimensional end-to-end projects, as proven by our customer success.  

Steve Simpson - Partner


Steve Simpson has 25+ years of sales, marketing, business development, and operational experience in early-stage companies, with responsibility for devising and executing the international go-to-market, revenue, and growth strategies for startups such as MeasuredRisk, Zenoss, Lancope (Cisco), Niksun, AlterPoint, RiverSoft (IBM), and Concord Communications (CA). 

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Steve Vaile - Partner


Steve Vaile has 25+ years of revenue management, leadership experience, with the overall responsibility for defining and executing international growth strategies leading to exit for companies including Mad Monkey (Current), Cambodian Credit Bureau, H2O, Voyence (EMC), Smarts (EMC) RiverSoft (IBM), Benchmark, MAXM (CA), Bull SA & UK Armed Forces.

View Steve’s LinkedIn profile here.