Report WW024


The impact of the sharing economy

on real estate in 2022

The World Economic Forums “Great Reset” is in full swing and with it the sharing economy is going mainstream.

This report provides a breakdown of key trends and important analysis detailing how the new sharing economy post COVID-19 is likely impact the real estate industry. * Includes commentary from 10 of the worlds most important and influential real estate investors.

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Making Travel Same, Same But Better

This leading South East Asian youth travel operator expanded to the number one position by building a business based on a solid triple bottom line and by focusing on the customer experience.

COVID-19 hitting only spurred the team on to successfully secure its first round of growth capital and announce a 50M PropCo fund to expand Mad Monkey’s community positive travel experience across Asia.

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Report WW023


Hallucinogens as therapeutics key market trends and analysis

Hallucinogenic substances have been used in shamanic medicine and for spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years, so why are people rushing to invest in them now?

We speak to the leading investment thought leaders in the space and the scientists spurring them on.

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From the WizzWang Blog

Report WW022


Snacking Has Changed Forever

With the trend for healthy and vegan friendly food seemingly forever on the rise what does the future spell out for the snacking industry? We speak to top investors to find out where snacks fit into our foodie future.

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Photo by Tyler Nix