This list was built for our customers asking for recommendations for accredited Kaizen Training partners.

We are currently adding to this page, if you provide Kaizen Training, have the recommended accreditations and customer references we would be happy to list your company for a small admin fee.

Some of the following links may generate a small affiliate fee for us if you subsequently buy a product or service with no extra cost to you.


Free Online Kaizen Training Resources

The following companies will allow you to utilise a trial period to take a free Kaizen course online or offer a substantial amount of a course modules for free. If you are looking for just a quality basic understanding of Kaizen then our suggestion would be to use the videos on the Kaizen Institute and supplement with an online course that offers some basic level of certification.



Offers 3 free training courses when you sign up as a member for free. Check it out.

Kaizen Institute Online

Provides a host of preview training courses with licensing for commercial use. Check it out.

Powerpoint Training

Provided by the team at 5S Today, 42 free Kaizen training slides. Find out more

Gemba Academy

Available on Linkedin, you can use a free month’s trial of the service. Find out More

Shaw Academy

Great quality online courses, subscription-based, get four weeks for free. Shaw Academy

Powerpoint Training

Provided by the team at 5S Today, 42 free Kaizen training slides. Find out more

Online Kaizen Training Resources

Quality checked training resources for Kaizen with and without certification.


Recommended - The Knowledge Academy

Provides two-way online training with a facilitator in an online class and self-paced training, with UK certification. Costs just under £1000. Find out more….

Training Deals

A great site that offers lots of certifications, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is under $600.00.
Learn More

Lean Six Sigma UK

Quality online certification for a reasonable cost with a quality UK based training company.
Find Out More

Perdue University USA

Quality Kaizen and Six Sigma certification training delivered online by Perdue. $$$
Find Out More


Acuity Institute

The Aucity institute in the USA provides online Kaizen Leadership Certification.
Find out more.


Shaw Academy

Quality online certification for a reasonable cost from top online training company.
Find Out More


MCI Online Training

Provides low-cost certification online for Kaizen Certified Facilitator.
Find Out More

Udemy Kaizen Training

Some good quality training courses at a low cost, most are lacking certification.
Find out more.

ASQ - Training Only

Global training company ASQ provides online training for driving value with Kaizen.
Find out more

Universal Course

Universal class provides Kaizen certification training online for under $100.00
Find out more..

Kaizen Training in Europe

Corporate Training providers with Kaizen offerings, courses and certification capability.


Global - Kaizen Institute

Provide great online training resources for individuals, run boot camps, and provide team-based Kaizen training in the United Kingdom. Find out more….

France - CNFCE

Provides a wide range of training programs in France including Kaizen, which ranges from €600 for a class to €1700 for a group. Find out more…

France - XL Formation

Run regular Kaizen courses in both Paris and Lyon, in house programs available. Find out more….

EU - Alfra Consulting

Accredited Kaizen training company operating in the UK, CZ, ES, RU, HU, MX. Find out more…

Europe - Noble Prog

A global list of Kaizen courses available online with easy search options. Find out more…

Six Sigma Europe

Provides European location courses and online courses with certification. Find out more…..

Kaizen Training in The Americas.


Six Sigma Canada

Provides certified and accredited professional training courses across Canada and corporate classes. Find out more….


Texas-based PDT provides a suite of Kaizen and Six Sigma training options in most US States. Find out more…

Quantum Associates

Chicago based, certified and accredited professional training courses across the USA. Find out more….

6Sigma USA

Quality on-site and digital certification training in Six Sigma and Kaizen. Find out more….

Seta Leadership Development Brazil

Provides Kaizen training courses in Brazil. Find out more…

E-Process Mexico

A training company that provides Kaizen courses in Mexico. Find out more…

Kaizen Training in The Middle East & Asia.


IKL - Dubai / Pakistan

Provide corporate Kaizen training in the Middle East and Pakistan. Find out more….

Kaizen Gulf

Provides a number of improvement training courses in the GCC. Find out more…

Kaizen UAE

Provides Kaizen training in Arabic based in Dubai. Find out more…

ISO India

ISO India provides training and certification across India and South Asia. Find out more….

Business Coach Philippines

Provides a huge range of courses in the Philippines, Kaizen is one of them. Find out more…

SGS Thailand

Provides Kaizen 5S training in Thailand, corporate and individual. Find out more…

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