RevOps Consulting Prices

Flexible RevOps consulting packages based on low weekly recurring subscriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions from our existing customers

What is a consulting / services blend

Our primary engagement model is client side consulting for business processes and the implementation of a RevOps accountability framework.   We also include weekly project management, task tracking and project updates.  Our work will often require weekly reviews with agency and technology partners to ensure that your project is on track and delivering the required business benefits every step of the way.

What consultancy is included?

You will receive weekly review calls, peer reviews of your documentation, implementation strategy and results each week.  You will also receive access to the relevant RevOps accountability framework modules, customised around you and driven by your WizzWang consultant.  

How do you work with media agencies?

We are very much a client side consultancy, we do not work on behalf of media agencies although we will often work with them.  We can help you in defining the key performance indicators and actions you need to be applying to your media agencies.  We can also help you map out the priority for your RevOps project and help you hold external agencies accountable for any external delivery required.

How long is my commitment ?

Consulting hours are delivered weekly, should you not be 100% satisfied with our services you can cancel immediately with no questions asked.  To date our cancellation rate is 0%

A typical programme will run for 12 weeks, or one quarter and is designed to advance your business, improve revenue and move you to the next phase of growth whilst delivering a solid RevOps model and framework that you can scale on.

What services are included?

A WizzWanger is at hand to advise you on analytics, data modeling, financial modeling, paid advertising and software integration. Any other services required can be procured via a network of qualified agency partners proven to deliver excellent quality of service and value.

Do you work with software suppliers?

As a client side consultancy we really take the approach of using the technology that offers the best value, least disruption and simplified operations model for our clients.  Many “RevOps” agencies will make thousands of dollars commission selling CRM systems.  In our experience the approach that CRM software fixes all problems generally works out very badly for the clients RevOps effectiveness,

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