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Business today is struggling to move from legacy
pre-pandemic environments to implement modern and more effective RevOps process that leverage online business and improves sales, marketing and customer services effectiveness . 

We are searching for the smartest people in RevOps to work with us, consulting with key clients and helping them remove and consolidate the traditional silos of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service into a single RevOps view that puts the customer journey at the centre.  

We are hiring senior team members now. 

RevOps Consulting Positions

Are you shockingly awesome at what you do with at least 5 years industry experience or a minimum of 7 years experience in managing people? If that sounds like you we have some of the best contract positions available with leading and innovative companies operating with true purpose. 

Consulting Software Engineers 

We have the following client side engineering positions on long or medium term contracts for consulting engineers.

Full Stack Developer

10 years + senior dev team  experience for a leading software or digital product company. 

Interface / API lead

Do you have 5 years of experience being responsible for integrations and technical partnerships? If so we have clients that need your skills. 

Voice Developers

Can you twiddle around on a keyboard only for Alexa, Siri or any other voice activated AI to do your bidding? We are urgently in need of voice developers working with NLP to build the best interfaces to some of the worlds best products. 

AI specialists & data scientists

We are on the lookout for people with five years experience working with AI and big data.  Ideally with kinky skills in both Python and R.  Are you a data purist capable of turning data junk into actionable insights? If so sweet consulting gigs with some great companies await. 

Legacy Travel Interface Developers

Do you have at least 5 years experience in working with the existing property management systems, channel managers and OTA interfaces? If so, let us know.  Sweet flexible work for leading travel tech projects are on the go now. Don’t miss out….

Mobile Developers

Can you trot out a native app on your lunch break? Do you have in depth experience in location based services, mobile data and app development with 5 years previous experience.  If so please drop us a line! 

Product & Process Consultants

Product and process consultants with experience working in a successful high energy RevOps teams are always required.

UX Design Consultant

UX design consultants with 7 years experience and a great portfolio to boot we have clients calling out for you now. 

Head of Product

Do you have 5 years experience of product leadership, can you pull a working MVP from your bottom with relative ease and design and innovate something awesome from there? If so drop us a line. 

Product Analysts

Product analysts capable of doing some of the more indepth technical research and competitive analysis that can help our clients spot true competitive advantage gaps and the route to execute are in demand.  Say hello if this is you. 

QA Testing Experts

Detail oriented perfectionists that care about look, feel, function and form able to write up easy to understand development requirements with 5 years or more of experience? We have client projects requiring your skills.  

Documentation Consultants

If poor documentation sets your eyes red and makes steam come out of your ears, if you are as obsessive about process as you are your Oxford comma, and if you can communicate complex ideas and actions in a way that even a simpleton would relish and get to grips with then we have work for you now helping our clients redefine the value that accurate right time, right place documentation can provide to their end to end RevOps process. 

Business Consulting Positions

Business consultants are required for a number of international client projects based on flexible hours. 

Human Resources Partners

Can you help our customers recruit the very best talent and retain and train them? End to end HR partners required for consulting positions helping our customers restructure their Revenue Operations teams. 

Marketing Consultants

Are you a marketing expert or digital strategist able to turn their hand from content, to CRM and then spin on a dime to define advertising requirements.  Ex marketing managers and directors with at least 5 years digital experience required for our clients most challenging marketing problems. 

Sales Directors

Can you run a sales team to 150% or more of its annual number? Do you have proven experience in leading sales teams from bunches of zeros to legendary heros? Consulting sales directors required for roles with FMCG, B2B Tech, Travel, ECommerce and SaaS clients looking to accelerate their market adoption now. 

Customer Services Directors

Does receiving sh*tty service, opening awful template onboarding emails, receiving poor follow ups and impersonal lack luster support make you want to throw your expensive laptop through the window? If Delight is your middle name and you have the experience in delivering truly outstanding service on  shoestring budgets then we have some incredible projects that need your skills. 

Digital Strategists

Paid advertising, numbers, social, integrations – you pretty much have covered it all over the past 5 years plus working in digital strategy.  We want you. 

WizzWanger Benefits

Highly Competitive Hourly Rates

Excellent hourly rates designed to attract the very best and most talented people in RevOps

Work at Innovations Sharp Pointy End

Innovation processes and procedures designed to extract serious competitive advantage.

Project Variety

” On Tuesday I was helping a small pottery company in France position their e-commerce offering, on Thursday I was explaining to the CEO of a listed UK company how he should implement qualitative traffic signals to improve his deal flow – it’s a rollercoaster – but an exciting one” – The Unnamed WizzWanger

Travel Opportunity

You can work from anywhere, most of our client facing time is online, meaning you can be sat on a call in the morning and hitting the beach in the afternoon.  If you want to travel after being locked up in the Covid infested doldrums of your apartment we are completely game.

Regular Work

This is no contracting body shop, we build significant long lasting trust relationships with our clients based on them receiving true demonstrable value and improving revenue and profitability. As a result there is always more work to do and more client value to deliver.

Quick No Nonsense Payments

Get paid based on staged payments, bi weekly, with no messing around and direct into your PayPal, Stripe, Bank Account or with cash stuffed down your socks.  Well not that one, but you get the picture.  All of our clients are vetted to ensure they can pay and have a good reputation.