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Hi, I am Steve, father of Harrison and Marley, husband to Erica, and Revenue Operations tech nerd.

Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to have worked with some of the best high-performance companies and brilliant teams in sales and marketing leadership positions over the past 25 years. 

My current day job is head of revenue for one of Asia’s biggest youth travel companies.  

It is a company I co-founded with a $25K investment that turned over 8 figures in 2019.   

Coaching as part of the WizzWang accelerator program is really rewarding, my role is helping people succeed and it helps keep me fresh and always deepening my understanding of business. Coaching is very satisfying way for me to learn and meet new people whilst getting paid for delivering value.

With 15 years experience of successfully building high performing revenue operations teams, systems and processes in the super competitive technology, finance and travel sectors online, and ten years previous experience in senior sales and marketing roles I am ideally positioned to be your digital marketing and revenue wingman.

I can help you execute an online revenue strategy using inbound, outbound and channel sales that increases your revenues and facilitates the growth of your company.

I provide one to one coaching to help people grow and scale their business online and offline. 

Normally in just an hour or two per week. 

I do not offer a quick fix or a magic formula, or a system that you can buy – or my latest course you can download. 

I do not advertise my secret system on YouTube promising it will make you rich.  I have no videos of me on a yacht extolling the virtues of my secret system.  I do have a great network of investors, experts and professionals in our WizzWang network that can help me resolve most problems and give the right information.   

To be successful online requires both working smart and working hard as well as being focused on your goal. 

Book a no obligation discovery call with me to find out if I am the right coach for you or to find out if you are a potential candidate for our business accelerator. 

I am a native English speaker, and it will be me that you meet if you book a discovery call. 

See my bio on Linked-In.  References Available.

Why do you need a digital marketing coach?

Our team at WizzWang helps you develop compelling sales and marketing strategies, processes, and habits that deliver tangible, repeatable results, so you can grow your business.

Marketing coaching is a support system designed to help you achieve your goals.

We coach individuals and teams starting up, struggling with, or generally looking to improve their revenues.

We do this either as part of our WizzWang business accelerator program or by charging fees for coaching services. 

How does coaching work?

Our team also help you cultivate habits by taking small but essential and achievable steps that quickly build competence and confidence.

They will ask you questions throughout your call designed to help you breakthrough common roadblocks and move forward positively towards achieving your goals.

What IS AN A Accelerator?

If you have a new business and you need to raise capital for your idea we take 10 applicants on each quarter.  An accelerator operates on the basis of part equity ownership, a % of revenue generated or straight consulting fees. This can be either or a combination of all three based on what works for you – in return the accelerator ensures your success by consulting with you, training you, advising you, mentoring you and helping you be accountable for your actions and tasks. 

Freelance Digital Strategist

What does digital marketing coaching cost?

A typical average  engagement is for 2 hours per week for per week over 12 weeks.

Typically these 2 hours are broken down into a 45 minute coaching call, plus a 15 minute check up call, plus an hour of consultancy to help you where needed.

You can purchase this service from us  If you just need coaching the average fee is £2400.00 or you can get it for free as part of our virtual business accelerator program.

You may stop your sessions at any time.

This way the onus is on us to deliver significant value in each session.  This is the way we like it.  Our current cancellation rate is 0%. YAY!

Why do you need a digital marketing coach

How long is each engagement?

Coaching & mentoring programs are offered as part of our virtual business accelerator program and contain 12-week to week sessions aligned with the stage of your business. 

Feel free to cancel at any time if it is not your cup of tea or your circumstances change at any point.

Our retention rate is currently 100%

We regret that we can not take all clients onboard.

If you are a start up without budget you can apply for our accelerator program that provides seed funding via our investor network of $10,000 to $1,000,000 based on your requirements. 


Time Management Coaching

Join A Boutique Personal Accelerator Program

We offer a small personalised business  accelerator program that accepts 10 entreuperneurs per quarter.  This program includes access to the seed capital talent, advice, software tools and resources you need to establish a sustainable revenue producing business.

For investors and family offices without a formal  accelerator  program we offer a quality deal flow of high performing early stage investments and a co-branded accelerator program that is proven to deliver quality results.

Online Marketing Coaching Programs

Set up for success

Start Up 12 week program suitable for growing a new business online and offline.  

Turn Around

From wonky to solid performance, we help take a business thats not really working and turn it into a star performer. 

First 90 days

A 12 week program to prove your concept, position and launch your company and build real value. 


Constructive help in relation to the  pressures of leadership, organise your time and scale without burning out. 


Identify the skills you need  and hire the right team to deliver your vision by building a purpose led organisation. 


How to make your business sustainable, build and protect your reputation and create a world leading brand. 

 How we help you



Set Your Priorities

Helping you think through your priorities and time allocation based on your goals.


Simplify the process to cut out unnecessary work and distractions.



Phrase your value propositions and your ROI case for customers.


Identifying the small steps that you can take today to reach your goals. 


Help to develop automation priorities and possible solutions and quick time wins. 


Define different strategies including channels, direct, e-commerce and online.


Provide valuable feedback ideas, thoughts and challenges to your thinking.


Help you be accountable to yourself and above all develop dependable repeatable results.


Help you address burnout and work fatigue in addition to improving your productivity. 



Posing relevant questions helps you identify your own solutions to your top challenges.


Help you engage with, influence and resolve conflict with other team members whilst being Zen. 


Reviewing your commitments and obligations and holding regular reviews of progress. 

enjoy The WizzWang customer experience


Steve has been an invaluable asset and adviser during the setup and launch of Credit Bureau Cambodia. He has leveraged his extensive contact base to help us establish business relationships … and has also helped us plan and launch national communication and media campaigns to our banking and MFI stakeholders and Cambodian consumers that ensured the launch of the credit bureau was successful and met all of our stakeholders’ expectations.

Garry Wood – Technical Director Cambodian Credit Bureau

In the past 9 months Steve and Steve have helped me grow my revenue from $286,000 a year to a current turn over year to date  of $924,000 with two months of the year left.

These guys helped me focus, block out the noise and consider what is strategic to achieving our goals. 

I look forward to my coaching call with Steve, its like having my brain cleaned, but in a good way.  

Andy Yoo – Owner of SPI Industrial Components

I have worked with Steve on the executive team of Mad Monkey for the past seven years and he has always been able to find solutions to complex issues and challenges and communicate them in a way that makes implementation easy and focuses the team around achieving strategic goals on our path to success.

Tom Edwards – Director of Mad Monkey Hostels

Amazing vision and understanding of business. Steve helped me to come up with a clear strategy to execute my marketing plan and grow my business by bootstrapping my funds.

Kurt Philip – Founder & CEO, CRO By Convertica

Steve is a visionary businessman, able to see thousands of miles ahead. His ability to do business is really astonishing and impressive, having always the control of the situation on hand. He is really a brilliant and outstanding professional. His knowledge and experience can be noticed everywhere.

George Schembri- Sales Director Hewlett Packard Australia

Steve has an excellent understanding and knowledge of what really works when designing and implementing online services and websites. He was able to effectively explain and guide me through a clear process of developing a functional and profitable website. Steve is an inventive and very knowledgeable service provider who has delivered an exceptionally high standard of service and support.

Phil Kelly – Phil Kelly Fitness

Steve has been a great addition to Voyence Software. He is extremely bright and is a very focused results-oriented person. He helped build the Voyence business. Steve is a terrific leader. I am appreciative of his help in building Voyence to a leader in our segment.

Susan Nash – CEO Voyence Software

Steve has exceptional energy and always gets results. He has the innate ability to find solutions to problems when others would struggle.

Chris Rotsey – Owner at C & D Ski

I found Steve to be highly knowledgeable, highly intelligent, creative, and compassionate. 

Micheal Co-Creator at Just a Pack

I worked with Steve on an innovative project involving new (telecommunications) services. He has demonstrated great ability to adapt known technology to tomorrow’s business, and worked in great detail with his knowledge. I give Steve my unconditional recommendation.

Carsten Abildgaard – Senior Consultant – Netic AS

I’ve been lucky enough to know and work with Steve for a number of years now. Since the first time I met him, he has continuously impressed me with his ability to deconstruct problems into their simplest form, which makes even complex matters incredibly digestible, this coupled with his impressive leadership skills makes Steve an unassuming force to be reckoned with.

Edmund Lowman – CEO Slumber Party Hostels

Steve is the kind of guy that loves digital and understands how it could/should be integrated within people’s lives

Oliver Southgate – Technical Director IIR Middle East

Who Uses Our Coaching Services?


New joiners

Set up for success with first 90 days impartial external coaching.

Marketing Managers

Fixing problems stopping you hitting your KPI’s or needing to fix a problem. 


A specialist sounding board for your portfolio’s strategy teams.


Start and ramp up your revenue engine for repeatable results.

The Self Employed

Increase business referrals for your small business.


Help turning around or fine tuning the department.

Bloggers & Influencers

Effectively monetise your content and build passive assets.

Sales managers

Coaching you to exceed your sales targets.

Agency teams

Peer review prior to pitch helps you win 4 x more deals. No sh*t

 Companies we have worked with


Strategy Consultancy Client
Strategy Consultants Clients
Strategy Consultants Clients
Digital Strategy Client DMG
Online Marketing Strategy Client Dubai World
Monetization Strategy Client Explorer
Marketing Strategy Client Informa
Monetization Strategy Client ITP
Leadership Coaching Client Mad Monkey
Online Strategy Client Market
Advertising Strategy Client Marriott
Digital Marketing Strategy Client Nasdaq
Digital Marketing Strategy Client NVida
Marketing Events Strategy Client Panasonic
Marketing Strategy Client Pizza
Social Media Strategy Client Pullman
Social Media Strategy Client Radisson
Social Media Strategy Client Sony
Sales Strategy Clients Shangri La
Marketing Strategy Client Sheraton
Sales Strategy Client Smarts
Sales Strategy Client Tibes
Sales Strategy Clients Voyence
Marketing Strategy Client UBM
Sales Strategy Client EMC

RevOps Technology Support

We can help you build and support your optimal Revenue Operations (RevOps) technology stack.

With  solutions tailored to your custom requirements, we help you choose and implement the right technologies for effective sales and marketing execution.

We have a dedicated team of RevOps support specialists available 24×7 to manage, update, fix, tinker with and integrate core systems for you.  Talk to our team for more information.

Send in blue

Looking to deploy marketing automation?

Send In Blue is our choice of Marketing Automation
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It is free for up to 2000 contacts