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Freelance Digital Strategist For Hire

Hi there, my name is Steve.  I am a freelance digital marketing and sales strategist with 25 years of experience.

I help small to medium businesses reduce complexity and improve their business results online.

Why do digital strategists exist?

You may be asking yourself why you need a digital strategist.  

Effectively a digital strategist is responsible for navigating the path to success for your overall sales and marketing game plan.

It is the strategist’s job to take all of the available data and map out a plan for your business success based on where you are now and the resources and capital available to you.

They do this whilst reducing your risk and simplifying your path to success.

Digital strategists are your online revenue partner; their job is to help you make money online – however, that may transpire.

The best digital strategists will be capable generalists with a wide range of experience, generally with a depth of skill in some of the core disciplines required to do the job. Ideally an end to end strategist will also have a data discipline such as analytics, big data, statistics or a background in heuristics such as project management or engineering .

A good strategist will be able to demonstrate a strong ability to analyse statistical data and the associated critical performance indicator data that ensure their strategies are on track to deliver the overall business results.

If you want to sell and generate revenues online effectively or if you are having problems scaling your online income, then you need a digital strategist. (like me)

Larger companies or agencies will often have specific roles for digital strategists – for example, Advertising Strategist, Automation Strategist etc.

In smaller companies, you will increasingly find senior digital, marketing and sales strategists in senior positions due to the increasing importance of being able to compete effectively online coupled with the need for data.

A Digital Strategists Value Proposition


  • Reduce the risk of project failure by setting out a clear end to end plan  99% 99%
  • Reduces project costs and works to cut out unnecessary expenditure 85% 85%
  • Reduces amount of time and resources wasted on a project 95% 95%
  • Keeps the team focused on achieving the overall objective 95% 95%
  • Drives the highest possible return on your marketing and media spend 80% 80%
  • Communicates the goals, measurement and process clearly 95% 95%
  • Helps you implement scalable processes that deliver business results 95% 95%
  • Makes sure that measurement and KPI’s are defined 90% 90%
  • Helps you differentiate between you and your competitors 80% 80%
  • Co-ordinates your team, sets project goals and tracks progress 75% 75%
What do digital strategists do

Artificial intelligence can now do 50% of the tasks a digital team would have done just two years ago.

AI software can now create a multivariate test of all possible advertising campaign combinations in a matter of minutes for a small business.

Just 36 months ago this would have taken 2 or 3 weeks, even in a big company.

When you hire me, you benefit from all of the latest software tools and AI tools that I partner with and use in my day to day grind.

To subscribe to them would cost > $12,000 a month.  They can cut hundreds of hours of wasted time and reduce your project cost. 

Freelance Digital Strategist

A digital content strategist will help you define all of your content requirements to meet your goals and may help you define the creative brief. 

A Digital Strategists Characteristics


  • Analytical Curiosity – The ability to see the big picture 95% 95%
  • Critical Thinking – The ability to see and resolve problems 95% 95%
  • Original ideas plus the capability to execute them 85% 85%
  • Leadership – The ability to mentor and lead a team to deliver the desired result 80% 80%
  • Consultative Approach – They listen and ask difficult questions 95% 95%

The skills strategists need

A well-rounded marketing strategist will need a solid understanding of offline and online marketing processes and how they all tie together and work as an integrated marketing platform.  

If you are in a regulated industry such as pharmaceuticals, investments or banking  for example your strategist will also need experience in that industry vertical and understand how the red tape and regulations drive responsible marketing.

Your strategist will also need overall business understanding to ensure that digital efforts deliver tangible and repeatable benefits for your business.

A digital strategist must be good with numbers and data; the best ones can see the patterns in the data that can positively impact your revenues.

Strong analytical skills, critical thinking and communication skills are also required.

The very best digital strategists can communicate everything clearly without using jargon.

An essential skill a marketing strategist needs to have is a good understanding of the strategies, techniques, playbooks, frameworks, funnels and game plans that are likely to work for your company.

Digital strategists will often be required to be certified in several CRM or automation platforms, cross-platform analytics and some advertising platforms if they work in an agency.

However, it is more important that a strategist has a good understanding of a wide range of platforms, their features and functions. By doing this, they can deploy the right end-to-end solution that delivers the goal.

A strategist needs to be technology agnostic and engineer the most elegant solution that works for the customer.

Although agency experience is a great plus, some agencies can be more focused on selling a strategy that pads out the client billing account with more services rather than delivering an elegant solution. 

For this reason, I prefer to work “client-side” helping the business owner or leadership teams as a consultant that works in their interest and interfaces with agencies as required. 

Some of the best digital strategists I have ever worked with run their own small and large businesses. 

What they all have in common is some area of in-depth experience and a lot of experience in both failure and success. 

My path to becoming a digital strategist was an unconventional one, but they often are.  

My background is in engineering and international business in the software, finance and hospitality sectors. 

I am especially useful if you need help to market your company whilst being compliant to local financial and investment regulations such as FINRA, EIS Investment Scheme regulations and Alternative Investment regulations .  

See my bio on Linked-In.  References Available.

My consulting rate is £185.00 per hour – This is when I achieve the results for you, I can coach you to achieve the results yourself for £100 per hour over a 12 week period. 

I understand that I may still be out of budget for the vast majority of people which is why I have partnered with a recruiter that will find you the right digital strategist to work with you either full time or part time.  >>


What do Digital strategists do?

So apart from making money for people online, what do we do?

Digital strategists generally have a depth of experience in digital technologies, advertising media platforms and marketing.

They will also have a good understanding of data structure, statistical analysis, risk and budgeting.

They combine this with overall business understanding to ensure that digital efforts deliver tangible and repeatable benefits.

Digital strategists need a strong understanding of marketing communications processes and best practices: a natural curiosity and the ability to solve complex problems.

Find senior digital strategists in several roles, CMO, Digital Director, Digital Strategy Director, Agency Head and other all-encompassing types of revenue role such as CRO, RevOps or Head of Revenue.  

My experience as a digital strategist

  • End to End Digital Strategy – Marketing, sales, people and culture, finance 95% 95%
  • E-Commerce Strategy – pricing, positioning, distribution, demand, payments 70% 70%
  • SEO Strategy – Content structure, links, page speed  70% 70%
  • Advertising & Campaign Strategy – Frameworks, creative, process, testing, scale 75% 75%
  • Content Strategy – On message, on brand, on target 95% 95%
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – A/B testing, multivariate testing 70% 70%
  • Marketing Automation Strategy – Process, procedure, retention and engagement  85% 85%
  • Market Positioning / Shaping – Encapsulation of the value proposition and offer 95% 95%
  • Research & Analysis – Benchmarking, GAP and SWOT  80% 80%
  • Analytics / Measurement Strategy – Arribution, validation, fraud detection 70% 70%
  • Distribution and Channels Strategy – Partnerships, distributors, channel engagement 90% 90%
  • Funnel Design and Configuration – Modeling, financial modeling, switch modeling 80% 80%
  • Direct Sales Strategy – Demand creation, presentations and scale  90% 90%
  • Business Experience – Commercial 70% Agency 30% 90% 90%
  • Pricing Strategy – Price engineering, yield management and lifetime customer value 90% 90%
  • Statistical Analysis & Financial Modelling – What is working and what should work 95% 95%
  • Design & Branding Strategy – Core message, purpose, values, delivery 65% 65%
  • Project Management & Planning – Resources, budgets and delivery 80% 80%
  • Written & Verbal Communications Skills – Building consensus and documenting it 95% 95%

How do you
become a
digital strategist?

Digital Strategy As A Career

There are lots of career paths that can put you in a digital strategist role if you can come to the table with a relevant degree that’s great but not always required.

I would suggest you seek one to two years of experience in two or three of the disciplines and get as much exposure as you possibly can across the other fields of digital marketing and communication.

Get some agency and corporate experience, and stay fresh and up to date.

Freelance like me for at least a few hours a week to keep up to date and broaden your experience, and talk with industry peers to expand your horizons.

Avoid getting stuck in a rut. Avoid working where you are not learning anything new; there is always something to be learning in our sector.

Get a good online marketing coach to help you succeed in your online business venture or your new job.

Get Hired | Find A Strategist

Find quality digital opportunities in the UK or find the right talent to fill your current role.

 How A Digital strategist helps you



Business Review

Understanding your business circumstances and your competitive environment.

Revenue Modelling

Developing the financial model to map margins and revenues to customers and effort. 


Goal Identification

Setting out clear concise goals, targets and KPI’s supporting sales & marketing teams.


SEO Strategy

Define how you will increase your organic traffic and protect your brand position.

Social Strategy

What social media platforms you need to be on and how you need to engage with them for the best results. 

E-Commerce Strategy

E-commerce strategy to reach the greatest number of targeted buyers. 

Funnel Modeling

Developing your online sales funnel model to ensure it can scale with purchased traffic. 

Advertising Strategy

Scale up your existing sales by tapping into different traffic sources. 

Customer personas

Help you develop customer personas based on your past data and business goals.

Campaign Strategy

Define the campaign strategy to successfully engage your target customers.

Process Automation

Mapping out core marketing and sales processes and automating processes as required.


Help you implement Google Analytics, Tag Manager and other tracking tools . 

KPI Development

Identify relevant measurements and KPI’s to measure your success.

Email Marketing

Define your e-mail marketing systems and email content strategy. 

Online Channels

Developing sales channels and partnerships to sell your products and services.

Affiliate Marketing

Promote your products and services via global affiliate networks and only pay on results. 


Referral Marketing

Use your customer referrals and reviews to generate more business with higher conversion rates.

CRM Strategy

Help you define your data model, CRM strategy and integration requirements for marketing automation. 


Process Development

Build processes that foster continuous improvement for your sales and marketing team. 

Team Engagement

Engage your team to force multiply your sales and marketing efforts.

Data Insights

Deliver the insight required to build continuous improvement and close the loop. 

 The WizzWang customer experience

Steve has been an invaluable asset and adviser during the setup and launch of Credit Bureau Cambodia. He has leveraged his extensive contact base to help us establish business relationships … and has also helped us plan and launch national communication and media campaigns to our banking and MFI stakeholders and Cambodian consumers that ensured the launch of the credit bureau was successful and met all of our stakeholders’ expectations.

Garry Wood – Technical Director Cambodian Credit Bureau

In the past 9 months Steve and Steve have helped me grow my revenue from $286,000 a year to a current turn over year to date  of $924,000 with two months of the year left.

These guys helped me focus, block out the noise and consider what is strategic to achieving our goals. 

I look forward to my coaching call with Steve, its like having my brain cleaned, but in a good way.  

Andy Yoo – Owner of SPI Industrial Components

I have worked with Steve on the executive team of Mad Monkey for the past seven years and he has always been able to find solutions to complex issues and challenges and communicate them in a way that makes implementation easy and focuses the team around achieving strategic goals on our path to success.

Tom Edwards – Director of Mad Monkey Hostels

Amazing vision and understanding of business. Steve helped me to come up with a clear strategy to execute my marketing plan and grow my business by bootstrapping my funds.

Kurt Philip – Founder & CEO, CRO By Convertica

Steve is a visionary businessman, able to see thousands of miles ahead. His ability to do business is really astonishing and impressive, having always the control of the situation on hand. He is really a brilliant and outstanding professional. His knowledge and experience can be noticed everywhere.

George Schembri- Sales Director Hewlett Packard Australia

Steve has an excellent understanding and knowledge of what really works when designing and implementing online services and websites. He was able to effectively explain and guide me through a clear process of developing a functional and profitable website. Steve is an inventive and very knowledgeable service provider who has delivered an exceptionally high standard of service and support.

Phil Kelly – Phil Kelly Fitness

Steve has been a great addition to Voyence Software. He is extremely bright and is a very focused results-oriented person. He helped build the Voyence business. Steve is a terrific leader. I am appreciative of his help in building Voyence to a leader in our segment.

Susan Nash – CEO Voyence Software

Steve has exceptional energy and always gets results. He has the innate ability to find solutions to problems when others would struggle.

Chris Rotsey – Owner at C & D Ski

I found Steve to be highly knowledgeable, highly intelligent, creative, and compassionate. 

Micheal Co-Creator at Just a Pack

I worked with Steve on an innovative project involving new (telecommunications) services. He has demonstrated great ability to adapt known technology to tomorrow’s business, and worked in great detail with his knowledge. I give Steve my unconditional recommendation.

Carsten Abildgaard – Senior Consultant – Netic AS

I’ve been lucky enough to know and work with Steve for a number of years now. Since the first time I met him, he has continuously impressed me with his ability to deconstruct problems into their simplest form, which makes even complex matters incredibly digestible, this coupled with his impressive leadership skills makes Steve an unassuming force to be reckoned with.

Edmund Lowman – CEO Slumber Party Hostels

Steve is the kind of guy that loves digital and understands how it could/should be integrated within people’s lives

Oliver Southgate – Technical Director IIR Middle East

Who Uses Our Digital Marketing Strategy Services?



Build a digital sales machine that delivers repeatable revenue.

The Self Employed

Increase your small business online revenues.


Gain a competitive advantage and increase stakeholder value.

Bloggers & Influencers

Grow your online revenues by effectivly monetising your content.

Mergers & Aquisitions

Sales and marketing alignment for maximum IIR.

E-commerce Managers

Scale your business with paid traffic and multi-channel e-commerce. 

Head Of Revenue

Lead your market, blow your sales targets.

Marketing Managers

Increase market share on the same budget.

Venture Capitalists

Expand a portfolio business and accelerate IIR.


Flexible Engagements

We are completely flexible in how we work, engage us on a T&M and FPP basis, or pay hourly as you need us. 
Tell us about your project by booking a discovery call.  

WizzWang Consulting Methodology

Our methodology is based on the Kaizen (改善continuous process improvement approach which relies on small achievable improvements that can be measured and deployed quickly over a period of time.  We place heavy focus on the Zen 善. 

The foundations of our methodology help you to create a defendable position in your industry to cope with environmental forces, disruptive change and improving competitors, they build on your strengths and address your weaknesses. The result is a superior return on investment for your organisation and a simple non complicated strategy that drives the strategic sales and marketing results for your business.   



Understand your exact business circumstances and your limitations. 


What your best competitors are doing right and wrong to define strengths and weaknesses. 



Deliver an easy to understand simplified strategy that will work for our clients.  



Validate all of our research with top of the line data tools and analytics. 

RevOps Support

We can help you design, build, document and support your optimal Revenue Operations (RevOps) technology stack.

With  solutions tailored to your custom requirements, we help you choose and implement the right technologies for effective sales and marketing automation.

We have a dedicated team of RevOps support specialists available to help you. 

Talk to our team for more information.


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