Business Strategy Consultancy

We Help
Small to Medium Business Owners
Solve Their Most
Complex Problems

Small to medium business owners face a number of significant challenges in developing, scaling and realising the value of their efforts.  We help with that.

Growth Advisory

Growth advisory services that improve your growth rate and profitability. Bring REVOPS thinking into your business to drive effective repeatable sales that improve scalability. 


Attracting Capital

Strategies to secure the right capital investment partners for your business. 
From readiness for funding to closing your last round, we are here to  help grow and support your team


M&A Strategy

Finding you the right partners to help expand your rocking mo-jo or to carry the baton for the future. Quality M&A strategy help for business buyers, and sellers.


Rescue & Recovery

Helping both creditors and debtors recover their positions, we also provide interim management services in the case of distress or liquidity problems.


Our day to day crosses these industries and more

Where we are working right now 

Travel Tourism Investor


We work with travel and tourism companies to help build a better stakeholder experience.

We create strategies for growth and value realisation that help build high performing teams along the way.  

Technology Investors


We work with technology founders to disrupt markets and sidestep traditional inefficiencies.

Use our team to drive peak performance and positive stakeholder outcomes. 

DTC Ecommerce


We help independent producers, manufacturers and brands create meaningful relationships with their customers and improve overall stakeholder value.  We help with growth, partnerships, invest-ability and rescue. 

Just some of the companies we have helped this year

Ollys Ollys Business Strategy
Mad Monkey Hostels Strategy
Reservatia Software Investor
Find an investor for my business
Investors for e-commerce
Technology Investors

We help shape the creation of sustainable stakeholder  value for our clients. 


More than anything – they are transparent (not overloading you with tech / data jargon – just keeping it simple and understandable), communicative and first are foremost, mates (which is always a big tick for us). Highly recommend.

If you’re a little stuck in the mud or not quite sure on what route to take next, I would highly recommend having a chat.

Our Culture

What We Believe In.

We believe that everyone should have access to opportunity independent of gender, skin colour, or sexuality. We believe that in order to be truly successful companies must be good corporate citizens that deliver value to the communities they serve. We believe in triple bottom line accounting, people, planet and profitability.  We believe in effective environmental, social and corporate governance.  We beleive in the power of KaiZen and continuous improvement to impact positive change.


Our Client Retention Rate

Clients Pay Us For Delivering Value


Of clients find us via personal referall

Reputation Is Everything

Our availability for our clients

Support When You Need It

Contact Our Team

Speak to our team to schedule an introductory meeting within 72 hours. 
We are here to help you, as an international team we operate in your time zone, calls are scheduled on Zoom video conferencing. 

Get access to our team from just £2000.00 per month, pay with crypto, cash or equity.

No matter what you are up against our team is available to help you.  We are an international company with a global network of highly skilled experts operating in Europe, Asia and the USA.  

We can help you solve the four biggest problems that business owners face during the business lifecycle.  If we can not help you we will find someone that can. 

Driving growth and revenue

Attracting the right investors for your business

Buying a business or selling your business

Implementing rescue and debt recovery plans



Driving International Growth

With an extensive international network we can help you increase your market presence in over 50 countries. 

Over 300 Years of Experience

Our team has over 300 years of combined experience in solving complex problems for our clients.

Take a look at the team you could engage today  WizzWang Consulting, Investment and M&A Team