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Embracing The RevOps Model


Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the alignment of marketing, sales and customer service around common, customer-centric goals that maximise your revenue potential.

RevOps helps you develop scalable and sustainable revenue that supports your organisation’s growth.

Companies that adopt a RevOps approach close twice as many deals as their competitors and report up to 40% higher profitability than their industry peers who operate without a defined RevOps process.

In short – it is a serious chunk of competitive advantage that can help propel your organisation to a market leading position. 

When your revenue people, processes, and platforms align with your market ecosystem, and focus on achieving the same goals using the same end-to-end customer view, your organisation will become much more positive and deliver a far greater impact overall.

RevOps means working smart and aligned.

RevOps Project Benefits

A successful RevOps project should deliver a superior return on investment to all stakeholders whilst delivering incredible customer value.

Of course, you want a simple, non-complex strategy that drives this return.

The best solution is an elegant solution. 

RevOps Business Benefits
RevOps Processes

The Revenue Operations Process

The most successful revenue operations processes are built around your team or have the capability to be adapted to your teams’ requirements.

Smart RevOps executions streamline your end to end customer journey, increasing lifetime customer value, reduce customer acquisition costs, improve deal win to loss ratios, ensure retention and create a repeatable low cost but effective process.

Maximise value by ensuring your team operates at nothing less than peak performance.

“It’s alive. It’s ALIVE.” 


People and Revenue Operations

Revenue teams need to be aligned in the achievement of revenue goals and to the aspirations for your business.

However marketing, sales and customer service operations are often run as silos with little or no visibility of the end to end revenue process.

RevOps Accountability Frameworks solve that problem by delivering tight alignment and visibility of both revenue goals and achievement across all of your stakeholders – but only when the people are bought in and the company culture supports it.

Begone headless chickens. 

People and Revenue Operations
RevOps Systems and Platforms

Revenue Operations Platforms

RevOps Accountability Frameworks rely on real time and structured data insights.  Data platforms need to be knitted together, monitored and reported on. To what degree depends on your stage of business.

Effective platforms and sexy integrations can remedy disjointed processes, but only if they work in unison. If they don’t they just increase complexity, cost and confusion, and that sort of sucks.

Only by focusing on simple and elegant solutions – that are only implemented if they decrease process complexity and increase clarity and insight to your team – can you start to untangle twisted processes and unlock the answers to the big questions that have been holding you back.

Unknot your business knickers.



Understand your exact business circumstances, limitations, product market fit, value proposition, culture, values, process, purpose, financial model and objectives first.   

Research & Plan

Benchmark what your competitors are doing, define strengths and weaknesses, document and improve processes, and create competitive advantage through innovation and thought leadership. At this point we establish a baseline for improvement.


Deliver an easy to understand simplified strategy based on a RevOps accountability framework, tailored to the business and its aspirations, that is quickly and easily implementable with the available resources and existing budget constraints.  



Validate all of your research with top of the line data tools and analytics, implement reporting and empower your organisation with the end to end visibility it needs to continuously improve. It's time to be less sh*tty and more gritty.  

How To Remove RevOps Silos

Ok, so this all sounds highly logical and makes total sense. But how do you implement a successful RevOps model for your business that delivers these benefits?

As a Revenue Operations enabler dealing with multiple projects across multiple industry verticals, we see the following common misconceptions and false starts from companies trying to get RevOps projects moving.


The Marketing or Marketing Agency Led Approach

Although a revenue operations project will often generate marketing requirements, the implementation process itself is a process improvement project that spans marketing, sales, and customer service that needs buy-in from your entire organisation.  

Marketing agencies generally lack the end-to-end business experience and tenure required to be able to implement what can effectively be a complete re-jig of your core business processes.

Getting it wrong has significant risk considerations. 

Skinny Dogs Win Most Races.  

The IT Problem Approach

RevOps projects often consider systems and platforms requirements.

But while the move to a data-centric organisation is undoubtedly an essential part of getting RevOps right, data alone means nothing unless it generates actionable insights that lead to implementable actions.  

RevOps isn’t a software fix alone, and in most cases not at all. 

Significant consideration needs to be applied when it comes to the way that data, especially AI, is used. The intricacies and ethicathy relating to the extent of its use also needs careful consideration, meaning that lawyers, comms, and leadership all need to have an oar in the water for you to deploy RevOps successfully.  

The reality is that many organisations are not that data savvy today. 

The impact of Covid-19 may mean that you, like many organisations, are experiencing vast disruption as you reconcile how to manage a highly distributed workforce. 

You may also be considering how to best ride the pending economic waves that will dramatically change the way that business is done over the next 15 to 20 years post Pandemic.

RevOps will undoubtedly be a critical part of that solution, and technology will be a crucial part of that process – but tech alone doesn’t get you there. 

Proudly vendor agnostic.

The Read A Book Approach

Every company’s existing processes, people and platforms are different. And while there are playbooks, frameworks and models available to help you along your journey, taking a one-size-fits-all approach stifles the innovation that helps you execute well, and is a fast track to project failure.  

You should read as much as possible about RevOps, especially if you are in a leadership position, but having experience of successful execution on your team will help you with your plan.

Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance

d read as much as possible about RevOps, especially if you are in a leadership position but reading without doing wont get you there on its own. 

But you will definitely need booksmart people and experience of successful execution on the team. 


The Intern Approach

RevOps requires organisational buy-in from top to bottom of the organisation; it is an alignment project requiring changes to the way people measure and improve their impact. 

RevOps is nothing less than a boardroom sponsored activity, and while winners will need as many fresh thinking interns to bring creative out of the box thinking to the table as possible, primarily the in demand resources are leadership and guidance to steer a steady ship.  

The Big Consultancy Approach

Consultancy services are fantastic but there are dramatically less in number than will be required to service every company needing to adopt a RevOps model. They can also be very expensive, theory based, and often lacking in action.

The big companies like KPMG | Deloitte will be a big part in democratising and disbursing RevOps thinking, but for the majority of small to mid cap companies out there, getting RevOps done and in place will be on the CEO’s to do list.

With the world economic forum’s Great Reset on, or soon to be on every smart business agenda, the need to align the RevOps process based on a triple bottom line of People, Planet and Profitability is apparently urgent.

Consultancy helps – but it is experience in doing that you need to get you over the line.  Not a 400 page strategy document.

Leaders can benefit from opportunities for discussion and peer review relating to their RevOps projects by finding out more in the header of this page.

Pucker Peer Reviews. 

The fresh and proven approach

RevOps Enablement With Kaizen 改善

Our RevOps methodology is based on the Kaizen (改善) continuous process improvement approach which relies on rapid but small “achievable improvements” that can be measured and deployed quickly over a period of time to improve your end-to-end revenue operations process.

We place heavy focus on the Zen 善. 

The foundations of our methodology help you to create a sustainable position in your industry, cope with environmental forces, disruptive change and improving competitors, they build on your strengths and address your weaknesses.